Camp Jobs

Summer Staff Opportunities

Camp Counselor

Counselors are in charge of approximately 4-8 campers per week. While most of the time is spent bonding with those specific kids, counselors are also responsible for leading daily lessons with other campers as well as participating in all group activities. They need to be comfortable sharing the word of God and being a Christian role model.

Audio/Visual Specialist

The A/V specialist will take and edit pictures, make compelling videos using a variety of methods, and manage stage performances throughout the week. He/she must have knowledge on the use of a DSLR camera, GoPro, soundboard, and image editing software. An example of your previous work is a plus!

Operations Assistant

Operations assistants are vital to the day to day workings of camp. Some of the various jobs that fall under this category are fire pit maintenance, evening program set up, restocking supplies, and helping in the kitchen. Our ops staff usually have the most fun out of anyone during the summer!

Activities Specialist

The activities specialist will be responsible for preparing and leading various camp activities such as field games, upfront games, silly songs, and free time competitions. The perfect candidate must have a lot of personality and be comfortable commanding the attention of large groups of people.